if a woman can’t afford herself to wear a real jewelry, she still can wear it and her daughter as well, as a scarf or handbag. She can wear it as hijab neck scarf or any other way she likes. The bag and scarf comes in it can be used as handbag. 

I recently found out that gemstones are good luck and traditional in many religions especially in Islam. so i hope my scarves with  the different stones printed on it are going to bring you good luck.  enjoy them with only happiness health and love. 

My own imagination gave me the idea and design of these scarves , They come in 2 sizes: 
  • 195 cm on 1.15 cm or 45.2 inch on 76.7 inches for women.
  • 130 cm on 70 cm or 27.5 inch on 51 inches for girls.

the scarves come in the design with diamond ruby sapphire and emerald on them
so, you can wear every day a different design like this you have all the jewel you want.